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Classic Biff-Burger Sign

Classic Biff-Burger Road Sign

St. Petersburg, FL 
  Despite the fact that National Biff-Burger System, its parent company, and hundreds of Biff-Burger Drive-Ins across the country, having disappeared into history during the '70s and '80s, only one Biff-Burger, which still bears the original name, sign, and multicolored "Port-A-Unit" building with canopy overhang, still survives to date  - St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Biff-Burger, in the Pinellas Park section of St. Petersburg, Florida, has had several owners over the years, but remains nearly the same as it was during the late 1950's. This place is a step back into the 50's and '60s and offers an unique experience that is hard to beat at any other present-day burger establishment. The only difference from the early days, is that the menu is larger and cold refreshing beer is available. The restaurant offers friendly waitress service at breakfast and a "walk-up" counter service the remainder of the day. Menu items, at reasonable prices, include: burgers done regular style with cheese, bacon, and/or chili, 14 styles of "huge" charbroiled gourmet burgers (strongly recommended by many), fish, barbecue beef, wings, hot dogs, shakes, and much much more than you can shake a stick at.


Biff-Burger, St. Petersburg, FL

Biff-Burger Drive-In
3939 49th Street, St. Petersburg, FL
Courtesy of Doug Hayes, 2003

Adjoining Biff-Burger is another interesting establishment called "Buffy's Southern Pit BBQ" which you won't be able to miss when driving down the street due to the pink 57' Chevy strategically placed on its roof. Buffy's serves some tasty mouth-watering hickory smoked barbecue beef, pork, and chicken and more! Is you mouth watering yet ? ....mine sure is!

The Biff-Burger Cruise-In is located at 3939 49th street North near 38th Avenue, in St. Petersburg. The establishment is also a well known national hangout and meeting spot for bikers and hot rodders alike. Hot rods and street rods cruise Biff several evenings throughout the week. These classic cars are as big as the charbroiled gourmet beef patties and yummy tater-tots! Every Friday for decades, the drive-in has been a welcoming home to a vintage car show, with plenty of classic cars and hot rods making their appearance.

Biff-Burger drive-thru is also known for hosting an annual tradition during the month of March that started back in 1998 known as the Bike Party. Biff offers free food, free music, and a lot of nostalgic fun to several thousand bikers from throughout the nation.

Biff-Burger, St. Petersburg, FL

Biff-Burger Drive-In
3939 49th Street, St. Petersburg, FL
Fourth Annual Bike Party!
circa 2001

Biff-Burger, St. Petersburg, FL

Biff-Burger Drive-In
3939 49th Street, St. Petersburg, FL
Courtesy of Doug Hayes, 2002


Contact Info:

3939 49th Street N. near 38th Ave.,
St. Petersburg, FL  33709-5731
(727) 527-5297
General Manager: Troy Musser

Sunday - Thursday, 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Friday & Saturday, 6:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight

Theme Nights:  (Events start at 7:00 PM),
Wednesdays and Saturdays - Motorcycles
Fridays - Classic Cars

Location Map
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