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Classic Biff-Burger Sign

Classic Biff-Burger Road Sign

Last Accurancy Checked: June 2018

Noteworthy Links

Biff-Burger, 3939 49th Street, St. Petersburg, Florida
 Biff-Burger & Buffy's Bar-B-Que  - Biff-Burger, St. Petersburg, FL
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Kenney's, Virginia
 Kenneys Drive-In  Very Informative Website by Twig Gravely
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 Kenneys Restaurant  -Photos of Various Kenney's Restaurants in VA by Patrick "Skyler" Old   (Shutterfly)
 National Hamburger Festival  -  Akron, OH
 Menches Bros. Original Hamburgers  -  Green, OH
 Home of the Famous Lendy's  - Various Lendy's Restaurants in Virginia by Twig Gravely
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 Biographical Information on the Co-Funder of Sandy's Hamburgers, Gust E. Lundberg  -American National Business Hall of Fame (ANBHF)
 Pals Sudden Service  - NE Tennessee & SW Virginia
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 Louis' Lunch  - The "Original Burger" since 1895!  New Haven, CT
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 Clinton Station Diner  - Home of Mt. Olympus: the 50lb Burger!  Clinton, NJ
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 Denny's Beer Barrel Pub  - Home of the World's Largest Hamburger Challenges!  Clearfield, PA
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 Hill Billy Hot Dogs   - Home of the famous "Home Wrecker"  Lesage and Huntington, WV
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 The Original Hot Dog Shop, (The "O")   - Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop  Pittsburgh (Oakland Section), PA
 The Original Hot Dog Shop, (The "O")   - Pittsburgh, PA
 Primanti Brothers  - Pittsburgh's Most Famous Sandwiches
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 Burger Bar  -Home of the Big Ben  Roy, UT
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 Chap's Charcoal Restaurant (Pit Beef)  -Famous Pit Beef  Baltimore, MD
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 Red Rabbit Drive-In  - Home of the famous "Bunny Burger"  Duncannon, PA
 Facebook -Red Rabbit Drive-In Restaurant    
 Red Rabbit Drive-In  - Duncannon, PA
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 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives   - The Food Network Website
 Googie Architecture
 Googie, California’s Signature Historic Architectural Style  -Mead & Hunt
 Googie - Sambo's Restaurant
Chain Identifing Tri-Colored Raised Diamond Panels

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