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May 18, 2006
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Posted by Tim

A magical ingredient from my favorite childhood hamburger. If you grew up in the Southeast during the 60's, 70's and early 80's you most likely had a Kenney burger. Soaked, slathered and marinated. The sauce is somewhere between ketchup and a tangy barbecue and you either really loved it or you didn't. No lettuce. No tomato. Bun, Meat....and Sauce. The crowning touch to a Kenney's visit was the fried biscuits. Lightly rolled in sugar and served with a couple packets of honey.

When given a choice as a child of Kenney's, Ray's or McDonald's...

Roadsign of Kenney

Richard Petty and the guy with the big red shoes got punked...every time.

I was in the military when Kenney's closed ('83 I think), and must confess I dont remember the very last one I ever ate. I was having fun back then, so that detail is one of many that perished in the wake of a young globe-trotting lifestyle.

I had written that flavor off as gone, until my wife came home one day...with a bottle of Kenney Sauce. Autographed no less, by Bill Kenney himself. I spun it around, shook it well and then cautiously twisted off the cap. I waited for the bouquet instead of just jamming my nose into the bottle. It was correct. Using my index finger (north of the Mason-Dixon I believe you would use your pinky, or a spoon if your not the finger in the bottle type) to lightly graze the inner neck of the bottle, I bring just the essence to my lips.

It. Was. Correct.

I have drowned many a burger since re-discovering "The Sauce" , and reworked my meatloaf recipe...adding it between the Vidalia onion, Mozzarella and fresh shredded Parmesan. I actually look forward to meatloaf again.

William Kenney with His Sauce, Kenneys Meat Sauce

It turns out that Bill Kenney decided to sell the sauce and donate profits to Habitat for Humanity. He even takes that a step further and profits from sales in a particular locality, stay in that locality. What sells in Cville, stays in Cville....or Lexington, Roanoke, Richmond, etc...

You can pick it up at Kroger (Rio and Hydraulic I know for sure) and the occasional specialty shops.

So, stop in Kroger and snag a couple bottles. Tell a friend. Lets build a house....

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