These Favorite Tampa Bay Restaurants Have Been Around Over 25 Years
St. Petersburg, Florida
Published: June 10, 2009
By Laura Reiley, Times Food Critic

If you are what you eat, Tampa bay diners are made of this stuff. Today we turn the spotlight on the area's iconic restaurants, those that have defined us as much as they've fed us. They may not be the "best," they may not always be the oldest, but these legendary spots have hosted us during triumphant milestones and nurtured us through life's inevitable setbacks.

We have no doubt that there will be little consensus about the top 25 (and we welcome reader feedback at, but perhaps this list will prompt you to go back out and revisit an old friend.



Back when shakes cost 15 cents, Biff-Burgers dotted the Southeast. It stood for Best in Fast Food. They had drive-in service and walk-up windows, they had "roto-broiled" burgers topped with a closely guarded secret-sauce concoction. Now, it appears, there's only one Best left. Burger King may be responsible for the near-extinction of Biff-Burger, but St. Petersburg's George Musser stayed strong. His location still has the original Biff-Burger neon sign; the menu runs to barbecue sandwiches, burger baskets and soft serve; and on Friday nights the parking lot fills with hot rods and their devotees.

3939 49th St. N, St. Petersburg; (727) 527-5297


[ Portion taken from larger article describing various restaurants within the Tampa Bay Region. ]

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