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Friday, December 01, 2006
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Posted by Alan

"Two all beef patties
special sauce lettuce cheese
Pickles onions
On a sesame seed bun"

       - McDonalds Jingle

In the 70's, fast food wasn't McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and a few others. There was still quite a battle for market share.

One of those chains that was still hoping to have a large market share was Biff Burger. In Clewiston, Biff Burger was the fast food burger restaurant, and its where Mom and, eventually, Older Sister went to work.

Biff Burger also became where Younger Sister and I would hang out after school when Mom was working. It was also one of the few places where people of different races mixed, although you rarely saw black people stay and eat. They would order and take their food with them. I don't think that it was something that was stated out loud, but I assume that it was one of the many unspoken rules in a segregated society.

Biff Burger as a chain in now gone, except for one restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The Biff Burger in Clewiston is now a Burger King.

When Good Aunt told me that Burger King had replaced Biff Burger many years later, I felt a loss. I had always pictured Clewiston just as it was in the 70's, and hearing that changes had taken place seemed to catch me off guard.

I knew that Clewiston was no longer segregated, and I was very happy with that change. But to hear that Biff Burger was gone seemed to take away part of my childhood.

So, Biff Burger, rest in peace. You are missed.

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Posted by Alan @ 8:07 AM


Way back in 1968, we had a Biff Burger n Titusville on the coast - it didn't last long, but I do remember it ...

Posted by Spider @ 9:45 AM

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