Biff-Burger Fan Seeks Special Sauce Recipe
The Biloxi Sun Herald, September 1, 2004, Page B9, Living/Food Section
Biloxi, MS

In the 1960s, folks grabbed a burger or two at Biff Burger in Hardy Court Shopping Center in Gulfport.

Dora Harrison remembers Biff's burgers well, especially the "tasty red sauce" on the burgers. She's hoping that at least one or two Coastians managed to get the recipe for the sauce.

"Does anyone have the recipe for Biff Burger sauce?" she asked.

OK, all you folks who lived in Gulfport in the '60s, how about a recipe or a clue as to what was in the sauce?

Another reader, Jeanette O'Neal, also of Gulfport, wants a recipe for Christmas Pudding.

"It is like a cake on the outside and a pudding on the inside," she said. "You use a spoon to dish it out. I appreciate your help."

Readers, do you have this recipe? If so, please send it to me.

Please send contributions or requests for this column to Cook's Exchange, P.O. Box 4567, Biloxi, MS 39535-4567. If requesting a recipe, please include the name or briefly describe it and the ingredients. If you are submitting a recipe, please include the date requested. You can fax recipes to Andrea Yeager at 896-2104, call at 864-6954 or to

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