"Biffy" Still Looking for Adventure
The Tampa Tribune
Tampa, Florida
Section: Sports
Published: April 1, 1999
By Tom McEwen, Tribune Correspondent

I'm talking about Tampa soldier-of-fortune Mike Harris. He led expeditions to find the Titanic, before it was fashionable; expeditions to find Noah's Ark in Turkey and Pancho Villa's buried treasure in Mexico; to photograph ships sunk off Bikini Atoll during U.S. nuclear testing, which produced an award-winning film.

Am talking about the wistful Mike Harris, born and raised in Tampa, who once was "Biffy the Clown" for the old Biff Burger hamburger chain, who with another man of adventure, Ron Gorton, started the American Bowl that today is the Outback Bowl, who tried to film a movie for Ferninand Marcos on the Bataan Death March, who is a member of the New York Explorer's Club and a University of Florida Gator - who surely must be up to something else, I was thinking the other day.

"You remember in the early '70s when I was producing the Lions American All-Star bowl with Bob Dudley of Mizlou Network - Ron Gorton had left - and I filmed, with Rod Sterling doing the voice-over, "Deadly Fathoms, an early '70s documentary about shooting the first underwater film of ships sunk off the Bikini Atoll with nuclear bombs?"

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