One-Of-A-Kind Biff
St. Petersburg Times, December 20, 1991, Series: On Dining
St. Petersburg, Fl
By Chris Sherman, Staff Reporter

Biff-Burger -The season does make you think back to the good ol' days, when we used to go over the river and through the woods in a '57 Chevy, painted in the colors of the season: candy-apple red and metalflake green.

That's the Nibbler's kind of nostalgia (and ride), and it's not out of place at Christmas: Intensive shopping, card addressing and general holiday chaos stimulate the body's hunger for fast food, according to national restaurant sales records.

You can feed your appetite for both memories and munchies at Biff-Burger (3939 49th St. N, St. Petersburg; 527-5297), a blast from the past with the extra charm that says it's not a clever re-creation. It started serving burgers and fries under that Jetsonian name 35 years ago and has genuine spirit and taste rather than cutesy theme park detailing.

Whether you get the original (67 cents) or a whopping half-pounder ($2.65), burgers have the smoky taste of the char-grill and the secret Biff sauce. That taste is now an exclusive; this is the last roadside stand of a chain that once boasted 20 locations around Tampa Bay and the nation.

The menu has grown, however. It now includes breakfast and even impressively crisp and hot Biffalo wings - how could they resist? The Nibbler wouldn't have. Plus there's now Buffy's next door, sort of Biff Light, a tropical pink outlet for Mexican food, taco salads and yogurt. There's more to come: Owners Sandy and George Musser are planning to add an outdoor pit for smoked barbecue.

Plus they've brought back a classic Biff bite by reinstalling the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. The biggest helping of chrome-plated memories is on Friday nights, complete with car hop service; but classic wheels also show up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Biff is open to midnight on weekends and closes at 10 p.m. school nights.

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