Biff Burger Wins Hamburger War

The Evening Independent
St. Petersburg, Florida
Published: Tuesday, May 29, 1984
Section: 6A

Biff Burger owner George Musser wants to know what all the fuss is over in the hamburger chain war. His business has been cooking their burgers to perfection for more than 20 years. And they have a variety of foods to choose from that none of the chains could stake a claim to.

First, the hamburgers, All 13 types of gourmet hamburgers are made from lean, fresh (not frozen) ground beef, and all are char-broiled, not fried. Some of the delectable burgers includes Cheese Biff Deluxe, Super Bacon Cheese and Super Guacamole. All burgers are made to order.

It take two!
It takes two people to handle a Biff Burger!

Ahhh, the side orders. Customers rave about their tator tots, and their French fries and cole slaw are delicious. Other sandwiches include hot ham and cheese, homemade beef and bean burrito and hot roast beef.

Biff Burger makes delicious, made to order breakfast, served by a friendly waitress. Meals include corned beef hash, omelettes, sausage gravy and biscuits, pancakes and French toast.

Biff Burger offers three specials for breakfast and one special for lunch and dinner. You can dine at Biff Burger inside or outside, or you can get your order at the drive thru. Stop by the conveniently located restaurant at 3939 49th Street N. or call 527-5297.

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