Young Victims of Recession Offered Help
The Evening Independent (St. Petersburg Independent) Page 14-A
Wednesday, February 12, 1975
St. Petersburg, FL

Two young victims of the recession who spent nearly two weeks living out of their car are now sleeping in warm beds again.

After an Evening Independent story last week describing the plight of 24-year-old Gary and 20-year-old Viola, who were penniless and homeless after being laid off from several jobs, a half dozen residents and businesses called, with offersof help.

One man said he had an extra room they could use.

Another man said he had an empty apartment they could use free until they could find jobs.

A women offered to pay them $45 to do some odd jobs around her house and yard.

A representative of the National Biff-Burger system said he would give Gary and Viola jobs with his company.

The young couple was bewildered by the response. Gary was speechless. Viola offered a geniune "Thank you" to all the callers.

They've decided to accept one of the offers of a place to live and are checking the job offers.

Their car once again is being used for transportation instead of a home.

That's Good News Tonight.

Note: This article is of particular significance since its documents and proves that the National Biff-Burger System (NBBS) was still in existance in 1975, prior to its defunct demise in 1976.

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