Biff-Burger Proposal Appears Dropped

The Evening Independent
St. Petersburg, Florida
Section: 7A, Page 8
Published: Thursday, May 21, 1970

Proposed plans for a Biff-Burger and Goldcrest Chicken outlet near 153rd Avenue apparently have died.

No one from Biff-Burger appeared at the board of adjustment meeting in Madeira Beach tuesday and the board dropped the matter.

Biff-Burger had appealed to the board after the city building inspector turned down a building permit for the outlet because drive-ins were not allowed in C-3 zones.

Biff-Burger asked for an interpretation to determine whether their proposal was a drive-in or a restaurant, which is permitted in the zone.

Huxley Reid, attorney for Biff-Burger, appeared at a special public hearing at the commission workshop meeting Tuesday afternoon. Commissioners passed and ordinance on second reading to define a restaurant and drive-in.

Later that day, Reid telephoned City Clerk Albanie Ruhland and told her to tell the commission that since the commission already defined a restaurant, he and his client would not appear at the board of adjustment meeting.

In other matters, the commission moved to Tuesday's agenda the following items: -Second reading and public hearing of the proposed ordiance for a non-exclusive franchise for cable television in the city. The matter was tabled at the last commission meeting after it was revealed that the section of the ordinance providing for a channel to be used for local programming such as commission meetings had been left out of the ordinance.
-An amendment putting the local channel back in the ordinance will be proposed.
-Consideration of the resignation of Arliss Allen from the board of adjustment.

The commission also decided to have Commissioner Don schoenherr and City Manager C. Joseph Babineau check the city for any other drain problems such as that encountered by residents on 145th Avenue.

A 36-inch drain carrying storm water and sand from that street and Gulf Boulevard is filling in waterfront behind four of the homes.

If the city finds any other similar incidences, it will contract for dredging the areas if Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies approve the dredging.

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