"Firebomb Does Little Damage"

St. Petersburg Times, Page 4B
St. Petersburg, Florida
Published August 9, 1968

Two firebombs thrown at the Biff Burger Restaurant at 2101 34th Street South, failed to do any damage early yesterday morning when two unidentified women smothered the flames.

Filled with "a kerosene-type liquid", according to Fire Lt. Tom Rutter, two bottles shattered on the floor of a screened-in patio in the rear of the restaurant around 1:45 a.m.

Rutter said the flame of the cotton wick of one bomb apparently extinguished on impact. The wick of the second was still burning but had not ignited the spilled liquid when the women quashed the flames by rolling a trash barrel over it.

Rutter said damage to the screen indicated the bottles were either thrown through the mesh or tossed in the unlocked patio door.

Rutter also said there were no further developments in the investigation of the fire which destroyed part of the Goodall Brothers Transfer and Storage warehouse more than two hours before the the firebombs were discovered at Biff-Burger.

Arson is suspected at the blaze, which started in the northeast corner of the building, possibly on the loading dock.

Witnesses reported seeing four Negro youths fleeing the scene with what appeared to be gasoline cans.

Company vice president John Goodall said last night no damage estimate had been compiled yet.

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