Flying Saucers Help Promote Biff Burger
Drive-In Restaurant Magazine
December 1967
Mail Bag Section

A cooperative advertising group of 10 company-owned and franchised Biff Burger Drive-In Restaurants recently completed an unusual and result-producing advertising campaign. The restaurants are located in Tampa - St. Petersburg - clearwater area of Florida. The campaign was centered around a provocative radio program - "Flying Saucers - Serious Business."

The program, produced by Mr. Frank Edwards and Mr. Howard Dorsey, was aired over WFLA Radio, Tampa, Tuesday through Saturday, at 4:35 p.m. The ad campaign started in May and was completed in October. Interest in the program was stimulated by outdoor posters, newspaper ads, in-store promotion, radio and television promotional spots. In addition WFLA supplied and distributed 800 news bulletins daily, during June, to 15 leading restaurants in Tampa, promoting the program.

Colorful posters, two for each location, calling attention to the program and Biff Burger's sponsership, were supplied by the promotional department of WFLA and displayed at each Biff Burger Restaurant.

As unsolicited responses, questions about flying saucers, and general interest in the program increased, Biff-Burger's advertising agency, Bradley Yeager & Associates, Inc., St. Petersburg, initiated a contest. The contest was for the most unusual and interesting questions about flying saucers. Prizes were selected that would appeal to people of all ages. A portable television set, AM-FM radio and Polaroid camera were supplied by the promotional department of the radio station.

Display boards promoting the contest, with photographs of the prizes, were placed at all Biff Burger locations in the area. Radio and TV promotion was renewed and the commercial message within the program was used to promote the contest. Free "Flying Saucer" balloons were distributed during this initial periof of the contest.

The response was excellent, particularly since contestants were requested to submit questions in writing. Hundreds of letters began arriving each week. The questions were judged for originality and uniqueness. Premliminary judging was done on a local basis by Mr. Marshall Cleaver, Chairman of Sub Committee, Unit #2 of NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon.

The most outstanding entries were then mailed to Mr. Dorsey in Springfield, MO., for the final selection. Mr. Dorsey prepared a special 5-minute program, announcing the winners and answering the questions. The program aired on Saturday, October 28th, the final day of the promotion.

Bradley Yeager & Associates
St. Petersburg, Florida

Copyright Drive-In Restaurant Magazine. December 1967
Published by Clissold of Chicago.

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