Biff-Burger Opens on Highway 19 South
West Pasco Chronicle, August 31, 1967
New Port Ritchey, FL
Provided by, West Pasco Historical Society

A new kind of drive-in restaurant, where infra-red broiler heat, instead of conventional frying, is used to prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, and other foods, officially opened last week at US No. 19 [US Route 19] and Linder by J.W. Barrett, who has acquired the National Biff-Burger System franchise for this area.

Newest in a fast-growing chain that extends from Fort Meyers, Florida, to Toronto, Canada, the Biff-Burger Drive-In will feature quick, "meal-a-minute" service and a menu of low-cost, high-quality food items. A hard-top parking area has been installed, and patio dining facilities are provided.

All meat and fresh provisions are purchased locally, "....... [some text missing from article] ..... families on the move in this area," Mr. Barrett said. "That especially means families on the outing, mothers and children for weekday meals and snacks, and teenagers and young adults. Everyone will find a warm welcome at out Biff-Burger."

Johnny Barrett first came to N.P.R. [New Port Ritchey] in 1933. He grew up in N.P.R. when it was small enough to know everybody.... But times have changed. Johnny attended local schools graduating from Gulf High School, Class of 1941. He is a graduate also of Florida Southern College, and taught school for 14 years. This is his second year with National Biff-Burger.

Copyright West Pasco Chronicle. August 31, 1967

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