Hamburgers Put On Dog
The Evening Independent 
Tuesday, December 20, 1966
St. Petersburg, FL

The lowly hamburger is getting pretty uppity these days.

In fact, it is starting to price itself onto the Entree side of the menu.

Next month, for example, McDoanld's is elevating the price of its famous staple from 15 cents to 18 cents. That is a not too modest 20 per cent increase.

Blame it on rising cost of labor, beef, diary and bakery products, the management says.

But it is not only McDonald's patty that is being bullied by the Great Society's inflation. Bruce Brane, the vice president of Biff Burger, Inc., said no hike in the price of a 15 cent Biff Burger is anticipated in the Bay area at this time, but, he quickly points out, his corporation has raised burger prices to 19 cents in Houston, Palatka, Belle Glade, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville - and it could happen here.

The Burger King people (St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park) say they intend to hold the price of their 20-cent hamburger as is.

Frisch's Big Boy (St. Petersburg and South Pasadena) raised the price of their "Big Boy" a nickle a couple of weeks ago to 60 cents. Also raised five cents were prices on hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and onion rings, a spokesman said.

Dairy Queen (St. Petersburg) management report they have no plans to increase the price of their 30 cent hamburger.

"No word received" was the word from Steak N' Shake (St. Petersburg).

Sandy's (St. Petersburg) expects to stand put with their 15-cent hamburger. A couple of months ago. however, their "Hi-Lo" (double burger with cheese) succumbed to inflation and was hiked a nickle to 34 cents.

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