"6 County Robberies Net Hoodlums $1,129"

The News and Courier, Page 2A
Charleston, South Carolina
Published Tuesday, January 12, 1965

Six Charleston County robberies during the past weekend netted hoodlums more than $1,129 and several hundred dollars worth of merchandise.

Two service stations were looted. Two car wash establishments were robbed. And a restaurant and a nightclub were broken into.

A safe was stolen from the restaurant and another safe was ripped open and robbed at one of the car wash places.

Sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning, theives looted a safe at In and Out Car Wash of $243.11. The building on St. Andrew's Boulevard was entered through a window. The safe was ripped open and vending machines were broken into and robbed. Several doors inside the building were also damaged.

The other safe robbery took place at the Biff Burger Drive-In Restaurant, at the intersection of Rivers Avenue and Goodrich Road. The safe was carried out of the building. It contained and estimated $477. The restaurant was entered after a glass side door was smashed. The vault had to be torn from a cabinet. It was about 20 by 20 inches cubical and weighed around 150 pounds.

The same night, the Atlantic Service Station at the intersection of Harbor View and Folly Roads was robbed of about $200 worth of tools and $8 cash.

Another station, Benton's Esso Station at King and Heriot Streets, was entered. About $200 in nickles and a dollar in pennies was stolen, and a cigarette vending machine was looted.

The Pirate Club, HIghway 61, reported a break-in yesterday morning. Vending machines were looted and about 35 cartons of cigarettes were stolen. Several cases of beer and 13 watches were also reported missing. A safe was opened, but it was empty.

There was a break-in at the Three Minute Car Wash, 4249 Rivers Avenue, sometime Sunday night, but no cash was reported missing.

Several hundred dollars worth of merchandise was reported stolen, however. Listed among the items missing were: cigarettes, watches, cigarette lighters, costume jewelry, and an undetermined amount of items from the showcase inside the building. Also vending machines were robbed.

Last night Charleston County Police Chief Silas B. Welch said no arrests had been made in any of the five robberies county police are investigating.

Charleston Police Chief William F. Kelly reported no arrest last night in the King Street service station break-in.

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