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Statesville Record & Landmark
May 18, 1964
Statesville, North Carolina
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Statesville Biff-Burger Grand Opening -1964

GRAND OPENING -Biff-Burger, a new drive-In, will celebrate its grand opening tomorrow and Wedesday. The establish-
ment, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moose, is located at the intersection of Hickory Highway and Taylorsville Road.

Statesville's newest drive-in eating establishment, Biff-Burger, will hold a grand opening on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19and 20, featuring an array of free gifts and special offers.

Biff-Burger is located on a 70,000 square-foot site at the intersection of Hickory Highway and Taylorsville Road and will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. offering quick walk-up service.

The new firm is locally owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moose and is one of some 80 similiar units throughout the nation.

Featured item on the menu will be the "roto-broiled" biff-burger which Moose explained is a patented cooking process. "On the special broiler unit, up to 750 burgers can be cooked in an hour's time", he said.

Total investment for the local Biff-Burger facility is over $78,000. In addition to a large paved parking lot for 39 cars, the facility provides outdoor seating for 42 to 50 persons under colorful aluminum umbrellas.

Biff-Burger's menu will include chicken, fish and shrimp dinners as well as assorted styles of Biff-Burgers. Homemade fried apple pies will be one of hte feature items.

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