"Engineering Firm Will Begin Move Into Largo Area"

St. Petersburg Times Section B
Wednesday, May 14, 1958
St. Petersburg, FL

LARGO - Arrow Engineering Co. of Indianapolis plans to pick up its Indiana operation and begin moving late this month into a steel building once occupied by the old Largo Fruit Company on Walsingham Road.

President, Earl Brane said yesterday that his company would move only a few key personnel here from the Midwest and would hire about 100 local workers for the plant.

Moving into the building, which contains about 18,000 square feet of floor space, will start about May 30, according to Brane. He said the firm will start advertising at once for both tool workers and secretarial help.

The plant building was purchased from M. J. Lumsdee. It is located at the Seaboard Airline railway tracks on Walsingham [11625 Walsingham Road, Largo, FL].

The chief product of the firm is Arrow profiler, a machine used in the manufacture of aircraft components, to do duplicate work. It comes in many sizes and variations with an average cost each of $45,000. There are now 65 of these in use in the United States and Canada.

Arrow Engineering also is doing work for the Air Force as a subcontractor in the aircraft and missle field. They produce parts for Convair and McDonnel aircraft in a plant located in Montebelle, Calif., under the name of Braco Products.

In addition to this the firm makes a broiler for drive-in restaurants which uses infra-red heat. It is called Roto-Red. These are in use in the chain of Biff-Burger drive-ins owned by Earl Brane, his brother Bruce and sister Miss Ruth Brane, franchised all over the nation.

Brane expects to move here shortly and build a home in Harbor Hills. His brother, Miss Brane and their father already are located locally.

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