"2 Held in Biff Burger Robberies"

St. Petersburg Times
St. Petersburg, Florida
Published August 15, 1956

CLEARWATER - Apprehension of two would-be robbers at the Biff Burger Restaurant here early yesterday morning thwarted one theft and solved four others that had taken place recently in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and here.

William E. Liston, 35, and Andrew Ywanciow, 44, both Tampans, were picked up by City Patrolmen Albert Lee and Dave Caruthers at 3:30 a.m. yesterday as they walked away from the rear of the building, located at 2110 Gulf to Bay Boulevard.

Investigation showed an attempt had been made to pry open the safe, which contained $418 in cash.

Police were able to nab the men because E.C. Chauncey, owner of a trailer park across the highway, heard hammering inside the building and called in an alarm. Lee and Caruthers were cruising two blocks from the restaurant when notified by radio.

Ywanciow admitted his part in the attempted theft during questioning while Liston, former assistant manager of the Tampa Biff Burger Restaurant, admitted a break last month at the Clearwater Spot which netted him $32, two thefts at the Tampa Retaurant of $1,000 each and taking $250 in a break at a South Pasadena Biff Burger Drive-In.

Preliminary hearing on the two men will be set up when magistrate Ray Ulmer returns from his vacation this weekend. The pair is being held under $5,000 bond, charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony.

Note: This article is of particular significance since it documents the earliest known date of 1956 for a Biff-Burger location(s), found to date.

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