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Greensboro, North Carolina
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Posted: Monday, April 8, 2009
By Liv

One of the great excuses that you can enjoy while having your kitchen torn apart as you refinish the cabinets is being able to eat really bad fast food and totally destroy the diet.... because after all, you can't get to your stove. I can't say it's totally a bad thing as it's probably been about 2 years since I last went to Beef Burger AKA "Biff Burger". I'll try to not hold to much guilt about it.

Now there is some discrepancies on the history of the restaurant, but Biff Burger which is what "beef burger" really is minus the name change for obvious legal reasons was one of the first burger companies to advertise "flame broiled" and "special sauce". If that sounds familiar.... it may be because that is what Burger King is known for today. Oddly, both companies were also based out of Florida, but one rose to what we know today as one of the "Big 3" fast food giants, and the other into a small locally known restaurant on Lee street here in Greensboro. Defunct, and almost extinct it's a legendary landmark on the town's urban cityscape.

Biff Burger is actually an acronym for "Best In Fast Food". Whatever controversy surrounds the influence of these two companies on one another, I almost feel it's a chance of a lifetime opportunity to taste and engage in a food that harks back to such a legendary restaurant. As if you could drive back to 1955 and eat one of the first Burger King burgers. It's also a really darn good sandwhich. It's the kind of burger that you eat, and it soaks into your lips like vaseline on cracked skin. It's where the Hollywood elite stop at when they're in town, it's a UNCG rite of passage, and it's the food mascot for Greensboro much like the cheesesteak is for Philadelphia or a the deep dish is for Chicago. Beef Burger, and their "Superbuger" for that matter is merely a metaphor for what this city is about. The soul... and this burger feeds it.

Dining Area at Beef Burger

The famous Super Burger is cooked on a marvelous technological invention called the "Whirl-a-burger". Two rotating broiling platforms cook your beef, and then "drip" the fat onto your buns as they toast them. In all likelihood there is probably still remnants of the first burger, Biff Burger ever cooked on the thing. Then you get your lettuce, onions and tomatoes, in between the perfect burger bun. True lovers of the sandwich can add cheese and bacon.

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