Restaurant Selling 45 Cent Hamburgers Through Tomorrow Night
WFMY News 2, May 01, 2006
Greensboro, North Carolina

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It's Beef Burger's 45th birthday and you're invited.

Greensboro, NC -- One of Greensboro's oldest burger joints is celebrating a special birthday, but you're the one getting the gift.

The owner of Beef Burger on Lee Street decided to mark the restaurant's 45th birthday with cheap burgers.

Monday and Tuesday, hamburgers are going for just 45 cents and cheeseburgers are 55 cents.

The owner says there's a secret to his success. "Really anybody can put mustard, ketchup and pickle on a sandwich but they can't put our sauce on it," says owner Ralph Havis.

Havis tells us he has no plans to retire. He says he hopes to be there selling his famous burgers for another 45 years.

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